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About us

Our team of experts has a deep passion for gaming culture and communities. With our tailored approach, we aim to share our excitement to create meaningful and lasting bonds between gaming communities and our clients.


We are dedicated to lowering barriers and making gaming accessible and inclusive to all. Our diverse team has extensive experience in gaming, events, and community. We connect people and brands online and offline to create long-lasting professional relationships.

We bring our excitement and creativity to our projects to create meaningful fan experiences and share happiness to empower gaming culture.

Our team

Eight nationalities based in five countries. Meet the team!

Anouk Burny
Project Manager
Tibo Huwé
Commercial Project Manager
Teun Bruggenwert
Project Manager
Gerardo De Clercq
Project Manager
Nilo Dieguez
Project Manager
Jessica Cromwell
Project Manager

Join our team

Excited about games and community events? Join our team and create exciting fan experiences with us!

Our journey

In 2007, we embarked on our journey as event production partners for Magic: The Gathering events across Europe. Over the years, our passion for gaming propelled us to establish ourselves as a full-fledged event production company. In 2014, we founded tournamentcenter, dedicating ourselves exclusively to gaming events and becoming a leading force in tournament production.

As our reach expanded, so did our capabilities. By 2019, with offices in Belgium and the UK and colleagues representing eight different nationalities, tournamentcenter had evolved into a multinational company with a wealth of experience. As we celebrated our tenth anniversary in 2024, we realized that our brand no longer accurately reflected our immense growth and dedication to the gaming community.

Looking ahead to the next decade, we embarked on a complete brand refresh, with the birth of Fanfinity. Today, with a new name, a fresh look, and a clear goal, Fanfinity is a full-service gaming agency committed to empowering gaming culture and ensuring gaming is accessible and inclusive for all.