IKEA Game Night

IKEA Belgium, Oona Agency


Partnering with oona, we introduced the new IKEA gaming collection to the gaming community. The highlight, ‘IKEA Game Night,’ was an interactive live stream event held in IKEA Liège. We teamed up with Belgian professional gamers, streaming their games from IKEA Luik. The event garnered media attention and engaged gamers in the Benelux region. This unique initiative set a global precedent, showcasing the power of connecting gaming and retail.

‘IKEA Game Night’ had two objectives: attracting a new audience of Belgian gamers to IKEA and generating a buzz in the broader lifestyle media. To achieve this, we organised the very first gaming live stream event in an IKEA store, reaching out directly to the gaming community through the popular platform Twitch. This created a buzz-worthy event that even caught the attention of relevant media outlets.

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Engaging Viewers with Live Streams and Game Show

To guarantee the success of this event and campaign, we decided to collaborate with talented Belgian gamers, including Abulic, Gloozi, Larxa, and Wizhum, to design a cohesive campaign. These gamers showcased the new collection by playing and live-streaming their favorite games from unique setups inside IKEA Luik. Viewers had the option to tune into the live streams or participate in the central game show, where professional gamers competed against each other, hosted by the fantastic Arno The Kid. The game show was live streamed with an audience comprising journalists, influencers, IKEA coworkers, and enthusiastic IKEA customers. Exciting giveaways allowed viewers to win key products from the gaming collection.


We’re thrilled to be involved in this collaboration between IKEA and the gaming community. Events like IKEA Game Night bridge the gap between gaming and traditional retail while highlighting the growing cultural significance of gaming.

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