April 2024

Introducing our Board of Advisors

April 2024

Introducing our Board of Advisors

Ensuring sustainable growth

To ensure our continuous and healthy growth, we have teamed up with three amazing advisors who will share their expertise with us: An Vanhauwaert, Bart De Waele, and Peter van de Bil. In regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year, we will meet with the board to receive valuable insights on HR, business strategy, and finance and shape our strategic direction. 

Our first meeting already promised a productive collaboration. To set the groundwork for the future, the focus was put on navigating change, honing operational excellence, and ensuring sustainable growth. As such, we analysed and adjusted the following aspects:


To navigate our fast growth and ensure we are moving at a quick yet controlled pace, we fine tuned company structure and processes. With clearer and more efficient workflows and a clearly defined structure, we have set the basis for a solid foundation to embrace change and tackle the future!

Operational excellence

To ensure efficiency throughout our projects, we optimised internal processes. From clarifying and readjusting reporting, a clear understanding of expectations and priorities, and ultimately a focus on project margins, we initiated steps that will enable us to continuously provide excellent service. 


Continuing our growth, we want to make sure all agency pillars are in place. As a starting point, we introduced our creative layer with a new marketing team. With the introduction of the marketing team, we have already gather extensive data and insights to substantiate our efforts and implement more effective measures. The marketing team will focus on communicating all the great projects that we deliver. We are proud of our work and are excited to share it - which we aim to do more frequently now! 

Our Advisors

An Vanhauwaert (HR advisor)

Founder of Effectis, HR advisor, and SME coach.

Bart De Waele (Strategy advisor)

Founder of Duke & Grace, serial entrepreneur, and angel investor.

Peter van de Bilt (Financial advisor)

Former Deloitte and SME coach.

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